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Definition of a Buff? 

BUFF   A colour

A leather (buffalo skin etc)

To polish (with soft leather)

In bare skin (nudists)



So a Film Buff is something else again!  Many years ago when New York had its volunteer fire brigade, an order was issued for these men to have a uniform to make them conspicuous while on the job of fire-fighting.  The colour chosen was a creamy-brown, very similar to the buffalo skin.

These volunteers were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about fire-fighting and because of the colour of their uniforms, they were nick-named “Buffs”.  The word “Buff” came to mean ‘enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a specified subject’.

 Whoever gave us our name knew what they were doing!!!

What does it mean to be a movie buff?

A person with a passionate interest in cinema is called a cinephile (a devotee of motion pictures), filmophile, or, informally, a film buff (also movie buff).

Although the term may often be used for people who just like to watch a lot of movies, a more meaningful sense of a film buff is simply, no more and no less, someone who believes that cinema is an art form just like theatre or novels or paintings.

Objects of the Club

(a) To promote the enjoyment of motion picture film in all its formats.

(b) To encourage those with a similar interest in preserving the history of film and film equipment.

(c) To encourage and support each 6 monthly meetings for members.

(d) To foster good fellowship to all members.

Who are Film Buffs

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