On Saturday 3rd November 1984, twelve people from around the country, gathered in Wellington to share their interest in collecting and showing film and associated equipment. It was out of this get-together that the Film Buffs came into geing.

Those people who gathered that day became the founding members of our Association. There were Noel Ruscoe, John McDonald, David Turnbull, Phillip Croft, John Bell, Phil Groves, Max Martin, Don MacKay, Larry Duggan, Fred Holloway, Trevor Brown and Jan Grafstad. Members of the Film Buffs Association thank those founding members for their foresight in preserving and sharing some of New Zealand’s history.

Objects of the Club

(a) To promote the enjoyment of motion picture film in all its formats.
(b) To encourage those with a similar interest in preserving the history of film and film equipment.
(c) To encourage and support each 6 monthly meetings for members.
(d) To foster good fellowship to all members.